At Kortech, we don’t cut corners. When you purchase a control or stabilization product from us, you can feel confident that you are receiving the highest-quality product at concentration levels that are effective on roads while safe for people and the environment.

W 1.32 calcium chloride (CaCl2)

General Properties:

Calcium chloride is a natural, non-toxic element that is usually found in sea water or in many mineral springs. It is a chemical composition which has been well tested for safety and efficiency in a number of convenient applications, like road construction, roadway maintenance, de-icing, dust control, and base stabilization.

De-Icing Properties:

Calcium chloride is exothermic, meaning it releases heat as it reacts to speed during the de-icing process. It also has hygroscopic properties which allows it to attract moisture that assists in the salt’s melting action. Due to these properties, the CaCl2 solution remains active on a road’s surface for extended periods of time, allowing it to prevent further bonding of water to the surface.


At Kortech, we source our consistent supply of premium calcium chloride from Ward Chemicals, who has been leading the industry since 1985.

W 1.32 Inhibited Calcium Chloride (CaCl2)

General Properties:

Inhibited calcium chloride is tough on ice but gentle on the roadways. Also known as corrosion-inhibited calcium chloride, it is a natural corrosion inhibitor, making inhibited calcium chloride 84% less corrosive on roads as compared to traditional de-icing rock salts.


Kortech’s inhibited CaCl2 is sourced from Ward Chemicals, an Albertan-owned and operated company whose CaCl2 product line specializes in variations of density, chemical composition, and additives.

MG-30 calcium chloride/magnesium hydroxide

General Properties:

MG-30 is a unique blend of calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide in one solution. It is a proprietary mix designed for roadways with little to no clay in the aggregate and has many added benefits, like dust abatement, base stabilizing properties, and aggregate loss reduction. Roads are developing stronger bases and requiring less maintenance every year because MG-30 can reduce aggregate loss by 42% (as compared to untreated roads). Because of its many benefits, MG-30 is breaking waves in cost, environmental considerations, and performance quality and reliability.


Kortech sources both its calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide from Ward Chemicals, one of the largest producers of calcium chloride in Western Canada, and developed the proprietary solution of Magnesium Hydroxide in a Calcium Chloride slurry.

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